Best Gyro Around

If you are in the mood for one tasty Gyro at a great price ATHENA”S  is the place to go! They offer the traditional lamb meat as well as chicken, I prefer the traditional but the chicken is good as well. Not in the mood for a sandwich? Try the Greek Salad with Gyro meat, mmmmm!!! Gyros’ are not the only thing good here, I can’t say I’ve ever had anything bad and I have been a customer for years.


The Lentil soup is always just a bit different,(which tells me it is done by hand without measuring spoons), but always fabulous! The lamb shanks are delicious as well as their chicken and lemon potatoes. A great appetizer is the Feta Cheese plate as well as the Hummus and pita( I don’t know what they do but the Pita Bread is amazing!). On the menu is traditional Greek dishes’ as well as burgers and  deep dish Pan Pizza to mention a few. There is pretty much something for everyone. They also offer common appetizers like fried Zucchini, and the like.They offer drought beer, bottled beer, and wine along with the usual’s. The restaurant is comfortable with both booths and tables.

Lamb Shanks

Now for the down side:

The service is slow. The reason? There is only one waitress! This is a husband and wife operation and hubby is in the kitchen while wife is waiting tables. I honestly think he is too cheap


to hire some help for her, they certainly are not lacking customers! They at least need someone to serve the drinks, she does it all. So never go while you are starving unless there is hardly any one in the establishment,never go with a time restraint, and if you are extremely impatient forget about it.The wine is really bad as well but if you order by the bottle you will at least have something drinkable!

Didn't read my review!

Did read my review, relaxed & enjoyed!!

For the up side of the down side:

Call your order in for pick-up, you won’t be disappointed!

So why do people like me keep coming back?

It is obviously the food, the prices, as well as a comfortable atmosphere, a view of Soledad Canyon and I really do like our waitress,.She is a hard working women with a great smile. So long as you know what to expect and enjoy the company you are with or a good book whats the problem? Relax and unwind the food will get to you and it is sooo good! By the way… having a Baskin Robins Ice Cream in the same corner lot is an added bonus, whether you indulge the tasty flavors there or take it home.




661 251-8442