A Small Hike To A Small Waterfall

Anyone who has traveled into the valley from Santa Clarita ,or visa versa, has seen the cars parked just off the freeway at Newhall Ave.  I for one always thought this was where commuters met to car pool into the valley to save on gas since there is a “park and ride” sign there. Well as it turns out there is a Trailhead  at the end of Newhall Ave. which accounts for the cars! My oldest daughter called and asked if I wanted to join her on a short hike and this is how I came to find out about said trailhead. Actually I didn’t see a formal “Trailhead” but there was obviously a trail, and that’s what we took.

The trail is dog friendly( as you can quickly see ), and the incline is ever so slight. There is plenty of brush along the sides of the trail making for adequate shade most of the way up. It took about 45 minutes to reach our final destination and we were in no real rush. The trail is easy enough to carry on a conversation without it being labored and was really quite pretty! The small waterfall was just that if only a trickle but we went in June. She had been on this same hike in early April and I guess the waterfall was quite impressive then. I didn’t mind the lack of falls at all, there were alot of tadpoles and tiny frogs in the pool of water at the end of the trail which was the “waterfall”.

This was a perfect Saturday morning outing! We were back at our cars within two hours and still had the whole day left to run erands or whatever. There were however a few ticks on her dog just as the signs warned of and she picked them off easily. It was still cool when we went so I wasn’t  worried about Rattlesnakes but would be more careful in the hotter months, (although snakes are usually in there holes during the day). As we were parting ways my attention was directed to a dirt road leading up into the mountains and a lot of electric towers, this was the beginning of a hike they call “THE BEAST” I was informed. With a name like that I decided I would have to tackle that someday in the near future!

I would definitely recommend this nice , leisurely trail, especially when shared with loved ones!

Thanks Julie,

Love Mom.