Owning A Dog

It was a nice morning yesterday, a bit windy but sunny and warm. I decided to go for a morning walk, great idea! I headed out down my street planning on going down Whites Canyon to Sierra Vista Jr. High, cut over to Camp Plenty and make my way back up, approx.5 miles.

Well I happen to have been a mail carrier in the past and am well aware of dogs being out and about, especially when kids are out of school and on the weekends.  I know that when I see people out in their yards there is a good possibility that their dog will be too. So when I am approaching a house with folks outside I tend to cross the street ahead of time or at least move off the sidewalk into the street, figuring at least I will not be in the dogs territory if there is one out.

WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID! I was in the middle of the street because I saw two adult males and a child in their driveway. I had past the house when out of nowhere a dog ran into the street behind me in full attack! Now I have been attacked by dogs before when carrying mail , but I was on their territory,( that seems to make a little more tolerable,right?). Well there I was yelling at this dog who was nipping and biting at my pants, trying to scare him! In all of this I was wondering why aren’t the owners yelling at their dog?

Attack Dog

Why weren’t they running into the street to rescue me from THEIR DOG? Finally the dog half way retreated and went to the owner, believe me if I was this dogs owner I would have been yelling at it so loud and running to beat its ass! After the encounter I got an I’m sorry. I’M SORRY! THAT’S IT? No are you O.K.? Are you bit? I quickly walked on scared to death and not responding to his weak apology to inspect myself. I had slobber on my pant leg and had been bit on the back of my leg but apparently my skin had not been broken, a kind of hard pinch. Alright physically I was O.K. but had no desire to continue my walk, that would mean I would have to go back by that house. I decided to take my intended walk ion the hopes that when I returned to my street they would all be gone! I was a nervous wreck the entire walk, and luckily my daughter saw me walking a couple of blocks from my house on the return and gave a lift home. I later found out that this same dog has attacked her dog and mate while they were out on a walk too! And the owners had been present as well! I also found out this dog seems to be out quite often as there is a hole in the fence that is visible from the street so I know “THE OWNERS MUST BE AWARE OF IT!”


Look , if your going to own a dog take care of it. No one forced you to get it, it was your decision, you can’t even say it was a mistake like an unwanted pregnancy , and don’t even say your kid wanted it,you said YES! In taking on the responsibility you basically have another child or dependent! Would you let your child run out into the street? Walk around the neighborhood unattended? Bully others smaller or weaker them? Jump out and scare the SHIT out of passer byes? I should think not so don’t let your dogs either! There is no reason a dog should have a reputation of being out, fix your fence dumb ass! I can’t even believe some one would have a dog that would run out to the street to attack even after they have passed said house, especially if they have witnessed this behavior before! Does a potential law suit mean anything??? Any ways I will not be detoured by not taking walks! I will however have no problem slamming a baseball bat into this dogs head, or maybe some painful pepper spray right in the eyes? Lets hope the wind carries it to the owners eyes as well, humm!

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t get an animal if you do not intend on doing right by it as well as your fellow neighbors, that means picking up it’s shit as well!!!!  Nothing is more aggravating then picking up dog shit that is not even your dogs’!