A Short Way to the Perfect Day…

If you feel like getting out of the house and heading out of Santa Clarita, (or where ever you dwell), how about the coast? I know, Santa Barbara is too far and there tends to be a lot of  traffic especially on the week ends. Yes, I know the Beaches south are very crowded and parking is difficult as well as pricey! But I’m not talking of these places, I’m talking about Ventura! Specifically Ventura Harbor Village! This great place  is only about 45 miles away from Santa Clarita and you will be sure to enjoy! Hop on the 126 just east of the 5 Fwy and you’re on your way! Break up the drive if you like,and visit the Fish Hatchery, (before Filmore, look for sign on left side of the road), it closes early afternoon so stop on the way. Ventura is 30 miles south of Santa Barbara, exit the 101 north at Seaward Ave and turn left, then a quick left on Harbor Blvd., travel down to Spinnaker Drive and go right. You will quickly see the Harbor and shops to your right and the beautiful Ocean to the left, and guess what? Parking is FREE!!!  Stroll through the shops, relax on the sand, or what ever suits your fancy, but this is how I would recommend you enjoy your day…

1)  Go to the end of the street and park at the Harbor Cove Cafe.

2) Order a beer,(or what ever beverage you feel like).

3) Enjoy beverage while looking at the boats, people, all while listening to a local playing guitar and singing soft, easy going music.

4) Visit the Channel Islands Visitor Center just next door,(again FREE!)

5) Walk across the street to view the Ocean up close. By the way this is a great place to bring smaller children to the Beach. The wake keeps the waves very small if any, and views are not obstructed.

6) Walk up to the shops and mosey through some or all.

Margarita Villa

7) Go to Margarita Villa Mexican Food Restaurant for a pitcher of beer, entertainment, and lunch. (Everything here is served in large portions. I order the Calamari to share, you really get a heaping plate of it! Not the best I’ve had   but worth it for the money!)

8) Sit back and people watch until you are ready to head back home.


The last few time I have visited Ventura Harbor Village I have witnessed a very long line at Andria’s Seafood Restaurant, so this last time I went over to inquire what could possibly be so good there as to stand in line for up to an hour in the sun. I asked quite a few patient line standers and got the same answer. (The Fish and Chips!). I was shocked that most of these customers do this on a regular basis, they all agreed the wait and money spent was well worth it! Next time I will have to endure the wait, (I’m not a very patient person), to report on my findings, but some how I think I just may become a regular customer, at least on my more patient days!

On your way home visit one of the many produce stands to pick up some locally grown fruits and veggies for the completion of your “Perfect Day!”

Note: During Summer months there are several event days at the Harbor, like Pirate themes, live music, etc.. The Harbor Village is also very dog friendly, so feel free to bring “Fido”.