Los Pinetos Saddle Hike

You begin the Los Pinetos Saddle hike at  the same trail head as The Falls hike, (across stream bed from the Nature Center). It is a nice easy walk for the first 2 miles to Walker Ranch Picnic area, from there you will find the trail to Los Pinetos. Look up to the top of the Mountain, that is your final destination!

Needless to say it is quite an incline and you will start climbing shortly after leaving Walker Ranch. The trail sports switchbacks to make it easier, but there isn’t really any level spots to mention of until you reach the top, so take your time and enjoy the wildflowers along the way.

. Once you have made it to the top  the view is fabulous! This is not a loop hike so you will be heading down the same way as you came up.

I would rate this hike as difficult, and it will definitely give your lower half a workout. It is approximately 10 miles from start to finish but the hard work is worth it. You will be glad you did it! Remember to bring water and wear appropriate shoes.