Peruvian Food

I am always up for trying new cuisine and when I stumbled upon the restaurant ” Lima Limon”  about 6 months ago I was anxious to give it a try! My husband and I had high hopes but unfortunately we were disappointed. The restaurant looked nice and the plates were pretty,but he service was not very good and we felt the prices were pretty high for rice, beans, and some meat mixed with tomatoes and onions.The octopus appetizer was very good though I must say, but all in all we felt the $60.00  tab was way high even though we did have some wine. We chalked Peruvian food up to pretty much Mexican Food.

That is until we met our son and his fiancee’s family at an infancy, no frills, wide open eatery in the San Fernando Valley! Wow, were we impressed!!!  The menu was packed with authentic dish’s of seafood, meats,toasted corn, drinks and soups. We had to ask our waitress for some recommendations and advise and she was very helpful. We decided to order 4-5 different dishes among the 8 of us (like Chinese style) so we could all sample the different plates. The food was fabulous, to say the least, and we will be returning !

peruvian dish

So what was different about “Lima Limon”?  I went back to view the menu the very next day. Yep, the dish my husband loved ,Pescado a lo Macho (deep fried fish topped with shrimp, squid ,octopus and a creamy spiced sauce), was on their menu but not my favorite the other night, Jalea Mixta (fried fish and assorted seafood topped with marinated onions and tomatoes).

O.K.!!  May be we just ordered wrong, there seemed to be plenty of interesting items on the menu, though the prices were higher than the other night, but the ambiance was better and they did serve beer and wine. Mind made up. We would give “Lima Limon” another try!

We walked in on a Friday night about 8 P.M. There were only two other parties dining, and we sat down. Finally were greeted by a pleasant young man. I ordered an appetizer of mussels topped with marinated onions and tomatoes and lime juice. The waiter was nice enough but seemed to be having difficulties multi-tasking  (he only had 3 tables and there was another gal there but she didn’t seem to want to help out! Anyways he finally got us some bread, a couple of beers and our appetizer. Unfortunately there was so much lime juice I could not taste the Mussels, too bad it was very pleasing to the eyes! The service was not too good from there on out. He even asked us if we wanted more of the garlic sauce, we were pleased and said yes but we never did get it. The food was very good though but when you drop $60.00 for two you shouldn’t have to remind your waiter he didn’t bring your beers, and you shouldn’t see another table get spot on service just because they are obviously known customers of the owner!!! May-be that is why there was only 3 tables being occupied on a Friday night! I don’t mind a high tab if the food is good as well as the service, but the food did not tip the charts in lew of the so-so service, especially when the other gal hid out in the back! Too bad I guess we will be driving to the San Fernando Valley for our next Peruvian meal.



so-so for food



SANTA CLARITA          (661) 297-6714.




8246 LOUISE AVE *(corner of Louise and Roscoe)

NORTHRIDGE 91325          (818) 708-7061