Do Us All A Favor!

I’m sure we have all encountered “THOSE”  individuals who seem to try their best at ruining the potential great times of others. For the most part we all try and avoid them unless we just want to be mean and miserable with them in some twisted way.Which brings me to the title of this page:   

Familiar Look

If you cannot behave like a grown adult among others, DO US ALL A FAVOR AND STAY HOME OR JUST LEAVE!!!

We do not want to be a part of your silence and bad moods, and by the way, how dare you expect us to. Don’t get me wrong I am very sympathetic towards others  who suffer these natural feelings, we all have suffered bad moods and depression from time to time but when it starts to be a daily routine of yours how about seeking medical attention? What you don’t realize this is having  an effect on others?! BULLSHIT!  I’m sure someone in your life has mentioned it or are you just being foul for reaction or pity? One can only use the I’m depressed or I’m having a bad day, or even so and so made me mad so many times, there is a limit to playing these cards! These excuses are also unacceptable when you are witnessed changing your  bad disposition at a drop of a dime around certain people or situations and then being nasty when no one is looking or unable to hear. These gestures only mean you are quite” in control” of your behaviors! 

And while I’m at it… sitting among others looking miserable only makes you look like you want someone to ask you “Whats the matter?”, so when they do don’t claim you are fine and resume position! If you want a pity party do it on line not among people who are there to have a good time! Oh by the way the only person they pity is the one you showed up with!! And yes you are right, people don’t want to be around you. You are bringing them down and that my friend is very, very, selfish of you to think otherwise. By the way why should you be chased?, you are the one singling yourself out from the group!


I want to be miserable


If you really don’t want to go to whatever the occasion is, if you can’t be fun at a fun event or if you just want to be depressed, mean or nasty, do it on your own time, NOT OURS! One more note, do not publicly claim to be a christian then turn around and do your best at making others feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, I don’t believe that is what Christ would want!

Let this be a reminder to us all, try and make the best out of the situation.Be considerate of others.And try, or at the very least fake for that matter, being happy or content when others are present for your own sake and theirs.