I happen to thoroughly enjoy eating it, cooking with it , looking at it, smelling it, well you get the picture! After saying all that I want to add that I do watch what I eat,  I exercise regularly, limit my time in front of the T.V., and try to just keep moving. In doing these things I find I can satisfy my palate and still enjoy meals and even overindulge from time to time. I thought I would start with the basics. “Where are the best places to shop for food with the best prices and good quality?” I have plenty of experience here since I refuse to be ripped off if I can help it! I plan my weekly menus, cook almost every day, make sack lunch’s, and buy what is on sale and in season. In my travels I have been to most all the food markets in Santa Clarita and have narrowed down what I feel are the best for my tastes and likes. We have 6 major stores in the area and one that has been growing in other areas but has only been here for a few years.

#1 ” Albertsons”, has my pick for fresh fish and shrimp,(there are two, I prefer the one on Soledad Cyn. and Sierra Hwy.).Over all the store chain is pricey so I usually only go there for the fish or hard to find items.

#2 “Ralphs”, the fish is also pretty good here but the produce is very high and the meats are so so.

#3 “Food For Less”, is owned by Ralphs but is shall we say lesser? Personally I cannot stand this store. As soon as you enter you must go down an isle that made me feel as if I was entering a maze and I had to follow suit. The meats are fatty and the produce seemed old. The prices are lower but the whole experience was not worth the depressing feeling I had just being there! I have tried it more than once and always felt the same.

#4 “Vons”, I find the prices to be too high and the produce lacking,(too bad since my sister works for them).

#5 “Pavillions”, An upscale Vons, they are the same food chain, way to expensive for me even if I did have a lot of money to waste!

#6 “Stater Brothers”, I started to shop here when there were major strikes going on and I wanted to show my support by not crossing the picket lines, (I used to shop at Ralphs it was close to my house). I found the meats to be far better in price and quality. They even have highly visible butchers to help and answer your questions. There produce is good and canned goods reasonable consistently. They are one of the few stores that do not have a club card! Stater Brothers is my go to store for meats and canned goods.

#7 “Vallarta”, The lowest prices for produce. Why? I’m no expert but I believe the cleaning process is not as thorough as other chains, thats O.K. with me I wash my produce at home anyways.  Mexico is where it comes from,(don’t be alarmed a lot of produce is, regardless of the food chain). And the shelf life seems to be shorter. Also you will mostly find only what is in season. Meats are reasonably priced but fatty and not the best quality but worthy of keeping your eye out often some great buys! Canned goods are high.

To sum this all up if you want to save money and get good product you need to make a trip to Stater Brothers for your canned goods and meats along with a trip to Vallarta for produce and occasionally meats. Remember when some things are cheaper the store WILL make up the difference on other products, so know prices, stay with what is in season and on sale, and never shop while you are hungry!!! Another money saver is to buy your toiletries and animal food at Smart and Final, Wall Mart, or similar stores.By the way we also have a Cosco. If you buy in bulk this is the place as well as Smart and Final.