Mexican Food Anyone? #104/ADVANCED!!!

Mexican food, who doesn’t love it? Even those who know they will suffer the after effects later in the day still indulge themselves . We have many places around Santa Clarita that serve up the traditional favorites. But today I am writing to those who really want the authentic flavors, you know, the “REAL THING!’ To find these tasty meals I have found one must search out…, shall we say,the “Holes in the Walls”. But what do I mean by this? It’s the places that tend to be small, no atmosphere to speak of, don’t look spotless on the outside, maybe a bit run down, and not in your highest rent district,( you’ll be hard pressed to find them in Valencia or Stevenson Ranch!)..The windows are covered with neon signs and painted with words advertising their fare. The clientele in these establishments are usually Latinos and there always seems to be a one corner fixed on a Spanish speaking channel,(that’s a sign the food is going to be good right there), right? YES!!

If you have never frequented one of these eateries do not be intimidated by the appearance,(remember all restaurants have a rating posted so all can see before entering if you are concerned!). Walk in with confidence you are in for a culinary treat at some of the best prices you have seen!!!!

I have my top picks for different dish’s and will admit I don’t order enchiladas, taquitos,or tortas, so I cannot comment on these.

*My top pick overall but especially for Chicken Tostadas, Bean & Cheese Burritos, Carne Nachos: I’ve heard the California Burrito is a favorite as well!


26972 Soledad Cyn & Rainbow Glen


*Menudo; ( Not to much hominy the way I like it! Don’t be alarmed if you run into bones, these give flavor!);


18520 Soledad Cyn Rd @ Sierra Hwy.


*Pretty good quality meat, serve fish(my pick would be the entire pescado fried), green sauce:


18267 Soledad Cyn Rd, @ Soliment


* Grilled Chicken, especially the Chicken Salad:


19425 Soledad Cyn. Rd@ Camp Plenty:

(661) 251-2732

***There are many others in Newhall that I’ve yet to visit but I hear they are good too!