Waterfall Hike in Placerita Canyon

Trail Head Sign

Well, as I promised in my first page on Placerita Canyon I went back to try a hike. I decided to start out with the Waterfall. The trail head is near the Nature Center across the stream bed and easily located. The 5 1/2 mile hike starts off taking Canyon Trail and about two miles in you will reach Walker Ranch, at this point follow the sign to Waterfall Trail.

A view of the type of trail

The hike is pretty easy with not too much of an incline  until you near the falls and even then its not that strenuous. The final destination is very pretty and the day I went there was quite a bit of water running. The hike was scenic and the trail was fairly wide and kept up so sure footing was not a problem. The trail is not only for walkers but mountain bike and horse friendly as well,(I would pick a day or hour when there are not too many hikers though,the trail is not that wide!). The hike took me about 2 hours and I was certainly not rushing. There were plenty of wildflowers, grass, birds and water along the way and I really enjoyed the hike.

Miner's lettuce

Native Wildflower

This is a trail for young and old alike, try going in spring when everything is green, Summer months in Santa Clarita are hot and dry and the Falls may not have running water. Snakes are also more common in the warmer months in the Canyon.

The Waterfall

I would definitely recommend this trail, I plan on going back to take the Los Pinetos Saddle hike which is longer and will write on that in the future.

Water Fall Trail 4-10-10 in a larger map“>
Waterfall Trail GPS Map