Breasts, Baseball, and Chicken

Big Breasted Mannequin

Aww breasts…. They come in all sizes and shapes.  Some men have them as well, we call them “Man Boobs”.

For some reason we seem infatuated with them, men and women alike,(at least secretly). We even go out of our way to alter them. I remember my Junior High days chanting while exercising in P.E.,”we must, we must, we must increase our bust!”, and of course there were the girls who we all knew of simply because of the size of their boobs! Some say they prefer small ones but the majority of us like them on the larger size. Just look around at women, a lot of money has been invested in making and keeping “The Girls” big and firm! We are willing to go under the knife and put ourselves at risk to alter our natural bodies which brings me to Baseball…..

Aww Baseball….Have you ever heard anyone saying,”It was the most exciting game I’ve ever seen! It was a no hitter!

Injection Anyone?

“I think not!  Nine innings and no one hits! Boring!! We like hits, we love home runs!!! They make the day at the park so exciting! The players and owners know this, Home Runs mean bigger crowds and bigger crowds mean more MONEY!! But how can this happen?? Aww yes… Let’s alter our bodies, just like women alter their breasts. But no one can know, STEROIDS ARE ILLEGAL!! Some take them anyways putting themselves and their bodies at risk, and we all turn a blind eye until they are busted. All those steroid ridden hard bodies on one field sure is entertaining and really “packs them in”.

By now you might be saying, “has she gone MAD? What the heck is she talking about? And where does Chicken fit in?

I’ll tell you how Chicken fits in:

We like our Chickens to have big breasts too. Bigger breasts mean bigger sales,(just like Baseball tickets).

You know, “MORE CLUCK FOR THE BUCK”! So Chicken Farmers figured out ways to enlarge chickens and make more of a profit all the while making us consumers happy. Steroids, yes steroids! And how about some salt injections while we are at it? What you thought Chickens are naturally that big? Silly you! Heck, I’ve seen Chicken Breasts that had to be at least a 24 B !!

Chicken Breasts

Does this knowledge stop me from purchasing and eating Chicken? No way. I love Chicken, it happens to be my favorite Protein choice,(and by the way the salt injections seem to keep the breast moister in the cooking process). I will say Foster Farms does seem to have less salt and a  better quality product so I try to stick with them,( stock up during sales). Not to say I pass up on those huge, luscious, crazy Ta-Tas, tempting me at 99 cent per pound occasionally!

So bake them, grill them, saute or pan fry them, and enjoy those tasty breasts!!

Roast Chicken

Grilled Breast