The flavors of the Mediterranean, light, refreshing, umm umm good! If you have never tried  foods from this part of the world you are in for a treat. Greece, Lebanon, Iran, Persia,etc. all have similar menus but do vary depending on the country. Basmati Rice,  Salads, , Hummus,Kabobs of different meats including Lamb, Pita or Lavash Bread, Cucumber Sauce or Taziki, and the vegetarian favorite Falafel. There are a few around town worth noting.

Chicken, Lamb, Beef Kabobs

26877 Bouquet Canyon Road
Santa Clarita 91350     (661) 347-4151

* Persia serves wine and beer, has a nice atmosphere, and is a comfortable dining experience. I was satisfied with the food but pricey! My husband was not nearly as satisfied as I, not enough on the plate for his appetite. I really like the minced chicken Kabob

The following are not near as fancy,offer no alcohol and are great for pick-up. Prices are anywhere from $8.00 – $12.00 per plate:

27653 Bouquet Canyon
Santa Clarita, Ca. 91350      (661) 263-7445

* My favorite here is the Chicken Lula Kabob. Portions are moderate, not my top pick but pretty good.

Chicken Lula Kabob

24029  Newhall Ranch Road
Santa Clarita , 91350        (661) 253-0488
* BOO!! Some kind of a food chain. Very disappointing and not cheap either.
Don’t waste your time or money!

19433 Soledad  Canyon Road
Canyon Country, Ca. 91351     (661) 298-0115
22880 Copper Hill
Saugus, Ca 91350     (661) 298-0103

*Yes there are two and is over-all my top pick. The Sam’s on Copper Hill is a bit more Diner friendly with more tables and not too cramped. The salads are fresh and plentiful and everything is consistently good! I especially like the Chicken Shawarma and the Rotisserie chicken with Sam’s fabulous garlic dipping sauce.

Greek Salad

Rotisserie Chicken